Wednesday, May 30, 2012


definition: imitation of a sound made my associatited with its regerent.

Examples: " boom"
                " bam"
                " pow"
                " wam"

Significance: Onomatopoeia is important in poetry because it helps the reader to hear the sounds of explotion or something like that. it make poetry better by adding sounds.


Definition: pattern of stress and unstressed in a stanza

Example....1.............. 2.................3..............4................ 5 
    Shall.I..||..thee.TO..|..a.SUM..|..mer’s DAY?
Significance: it adds rhythm and creates a beat in the poem. it makes poetry better by helping the readers find the meaning of the poem.


Definition: identity of some sound in some part, especially the end
Laundry Poems for Children - Vintage Laundry Rhymes forĀ Children
Example:brain and gain. 
pledge and ledge. 
flower and power. 
mass and pass and glass and grass
game and lame. 
fame and shame. 
smirk and jerk. 
book and took. 

Significance: it adds some rhyme in the end of then poem. this makes poetry better by giving a poem a repetitive quality by sound without repeating a line or phrase in a poem


Definition: a pattern or irregular pulses

ExampleThe wind in her hair over there 
The chair that sat with her hair 
Eyes on eyes 
Fire and lye 
in the river sky on I 

Significance: it adds patterns to the poem. it makes poetry better by adding some rhyme to the poem

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Definition: representing something as a person.

Example: The bees played hine and seek with the flowers as they buzzed one to another.

Significance: personification is important because it describles things like a person. it adds human characteristics to the object.


InFocus Imagery Inc.
Definition: Ues  rhetorical images

Examples: Though I was on the sheer face of a mountain, the feeling of swinging through the air was euphoric, almost like flying without wings.

Significance: imagery is important in a poem because it helps the reader to imagining pictures while reading the poem. it makes poetry better by adding some more details in the poem using pictures.


Definition: We often use the words and like with similes

Example: His skin was as cold as ice.
                 It felt as hard as rock.
                 She looked as gentle as a lamb.

Significance: Simile is an important pert of poetry because it makes descriptions more emphatic or vivid. it adds like or as.