Sunday, September 25, 2011


Exposition: Mr. Hotdog was happy and sitting on the grill and very relaxed.

Raising Action: Mr. Hotdog was ready to get off of the grill and then Ms. Buns came right next to him on the grill.

Climax: Mr. Hotdog had always wanted to be inside of Ms. Buns, so he walked next to Ms. Buns and said "i love you", then Ms. Buns said" i love u too so i want you to be inside of me like other hot dogs", and they had a baby together.

Falling Action:One day later Ms. Buns and Mr. Hotdog had suddenly got picked up by a plate and then had been eaten. They had several last words to say to their son, which was "don't ever get near a bun, if u do then this will happen to you."

Resolution: While the baby is growing, he has been taking classes to reject buns so he will ever die.